Element 6 Composites is an engineering firm specializing in the design, analysis, prototyping and manufacturing of carbon fiber composites.

Innovation often drives the design when customers ask us to join their team to solve complex problems. At Element 6 Composites, working closely with clients is paramount to success, be it preliminary design, detailed analysis, or production manufacturing.

From simple to complex, technology provides the tools to bring innovative solutions to market. Starting with basic analysis and computer sketches, through detailed simulation of entire systems, prototyping, instrumented

testing, and advanced process development, Element 6 Composites aims to include the latest methods at every stage.

And within the framework of invention and applied science resides the intangible art of creativity. Although in engineering the primary goal is functionality, the aspiration of art lies within all refined products.

Applying these three principals of innovation, technology, and art, we are able to overcome difficult problems in a wide variety of applications to create superior results.

Element6 is a subsidiary of Allred and Associates Inc. - 321 Route 5 West, PO Box 321 - Elbridge New York 13060 - p:315.252.2559 - f:315.252.0502