carbon fiber electronics enclosure

Shock Isolated Enclosure Data Sheet

carbon fiber shock isolated electronics enclosure

The Navy’s emphasis on OACE relies heavily on COTS-based equipment. The appropriate environment must be maintained for this COTS equipment, regardless of the extreme conditions experienced in a naval sheltered environment. Isolating COTS equipment from these extreme conditions requires enclosures that are at least as heavy as the payload of the equipment they carry. Until now...

Working in partnership with Frontier Electronic Systems, the Element6 Composites team has developed a carbon fiber shock isolated enclosure capable of withstanding over 100 Gs of shock, Mil-STD-167-1A Type I vibration and EMI (MIL-STD-461F) and provides a survivable environment for internal electronics. It does all this yet weighs 60% less than a comparable metallic cabinet thereby reducing top-side weight.


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