Balancing high quality aesthetics with engineering function is often very challenging. At Element 6 Composites, we strive to include analytical and computational analyses within the design process for all projects. Although certain applications may require extensive strength, stiffness, dynamic, aerodynamic, and resonance analysis before moving to the prototype stage, others may only require relatively brief analytical work to base the design on. Either way, we take pride in maintaining the rigors of engineering within the framework of creative design.

Current computational tools include NeiNastran for structural analysis of composites and Star-CCM+ for computational fluid dynamics analysis. Our experience ranges from advanced carbon-fiber truss structures to prosthetics to wind turbines and unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition to our internal expertise, we have relationships with experts from across the country. One recent example was a NYSTAR grant we received, which allowed us the opportunity to work with Cornell University to test our carbon fiber materials. This provided excellent data for model refinements and internal design databases. We continue to collaborate with Cornell on challenging engineering problems and materials testing.


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