Who is Element6 Composites?

Welcome to Element6 Composites®, the design, engineering, testing, and prototyping services division of ALLRed & Associates Inc.

We’re a diversified engineering and product-development firm specializing in advanced composite components and structures.

From our headquarters in Elbridge, N.Y. (west of Syracuse), we provide contract engineering services to outside companies as well as to our sister division, DragonPlate®, a premier North American fabricator of high-performance composite shapes and structural components in carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and other advanced composite materials. As an ISO 9001®-certified engineering firm we offer custom design, engineering, testing, and prototyping services and also manufacture finished parts for customers in a wide range of industries — often using proprietary processes and equipment.

Our leadership team has been helping our customers with advanced composite components since 2003. In every engineering job we handle, we apply three principles:

  • Innovation… collaborating with our customers in solving complex problems and developing unique solutions.
  • Technology… starting from basic concepts and CAD models through design, analysis, simulation and advanced process development, prototype, test and manufacturing.
  • Creativity… out-of-the-box thinking that combines ingenuity with knowledge and skill in composite design to create practical applications to meet customer needs and expectations.

Our Services

There are many ways that customers can work with us and take advantage of the services we offer at Element6 Composites, including retaining us for:

  • Advanced Composite Design. Our highly experienced, knowledgeable, and professional team of designers, engineers, and technicians has decades of experience in research, product development, and commercial manufacture. We use the latest virtual-prototyping tools to help our customers find the simplest, most efficient, and most reliable solution to each engineering problem.
  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Our Element6 Composites team uses the latest computational tools to engineer products as diverse as truss structures to prosthetics to wind turbines to unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Physical Testing. To demonstrate effectiveness, virtual prototyping/CAE results still need to be verified against physical test results from actual parts to verify design calculations were correct and to assure customers that a design will meet all specifications. In fact, over a decade ago, our team collaborated with Cornell University to test carbon fiber-reinforced composite parts. Those data were used to improve the accuracy of analysis work with advanced composites to solve challenging engineering problems.
  • Prototype to Production Quantities. Whether our customer needs a single test piece, a dozen parts to use as a marketing tool, or hundreds of fully functional, near-production-ready assemblies, our team of experienced technicians is ready to fulfill your order.
  • Contract Manufacturing. Once the efficacy of a design has been demonstrated, customers can take a completed design and purchase components to assemble their own product. Or, those who lack the experience and/or equipment can work with our sister division, DragonPlate, who can produce production components or assemblies. Our DragonPlate team offers decades of experience producing advanced composite components and assemblies that feature unmatched quality, access to a variety of conventional and proprietary production methods, and post-mold finishing capabilities, including applying paint and metalized coatings.

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