Facilities incorporating industrial automation into their manufacturing processes continually strive to improve efficiency through increased speed and greater precision. Often the most direct means to achieve these goals is reduced weight and increased stiffness of the robotics, and in particular the robotic end effectors. Lightweight end effectors translate directly to increased speed on the production line, higher precision, reduced motor and actuator loads, and improved reliability.

Element 6 Composites has worked with companies in the injection molding, beverage, and consumer products industries, as well as companies that specialize in the design and fabrication of automated systems, to replace metal end effectors by using carbon fiber composite manufacturing. Substantial decreases in weight are possible with optimized composite systems, with weight reductions of 50% or more common.

Leveraging in-house finite element analysis, CAD design, and tool making, Element 6 Composites regularly works with customers to produce highly specialized lightweight end effectors. If your company is interested in learning more about using custom carbon fiber composite manufacturing in robotic end effectors and automation, please contact us to discuss your specific application.