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How Carbon Fiber Is Changing The Boating Industry

Humans have been trying to improve boating technology and engineering for thousands of years, but the carbon fiber industry may just bring our endless search to a halt. Why should you test your prototype with carbon fiber? Take a tip from the boating industry.


On the open water, sailors want to be sure your boat is able to withstand the constant changes in energy. Carbon fiber manufacturing ensures that the carbon fiber composite has the best sheer strength, tensile strength, and resistance to crushing. This is great for the boating industry, but even better for your carbon fiber prototype to take shape.


Unlike wood and aluminum, carbon fiber offers the durability without degradation. Wood has a tendency to expand and retract depending on weather conditions and dampness of the wood. Aluminum will corrode over time due to oxidation and they’re prone to dent.

Carbon fiber, on the other hand, doesn’t corrode like aluminum and the composite product ensures it’s able to take on a variety of obstacles, including heat and weather resistance. This is a valuable trait if you’re looking to test your carbon fiber prototype against a metal alternative.

Light-weight application

The best part of your carbon fiber product design? It’s lightweight with all the strength and durability of hardened metal like steel. Why? The structure of carbon fiber.

Carbon fibers are only a little wider than spider silk and their matrix design offers all the strength without the weight of other metal alternatives like aluminum and steel. The honeycomb design of carbon fiber threads ensures the matrix is able to remain stiff under pressure. This makes its application suitable for a wide variety of prototypes, whether you want to craft a custom carbon fiber composite or manufacture a new product entirely. Structural carbon fiber ensures your structure‘s integrity and longevity. With carbon fiber, boats better fuel efficiency, a longer life, and enhanced speed on the open water. If carbon fiber is able to help the boating industry this much, imagine what if can do when you craft a carbon fiber prototype.

With carbon fiber composite engineering aiding the boating industry, it’s no surprise that composites are forecast to reach an estimated value of $38 billion by 2023. When you want the best composite to bring your carbon fiber product design to life, contact Element 6 Composites today.

You won’t regret it.