carbon fiber prototyping

What Everyday Materials Can Benefit From Carbon Fiber Designs?

carbon fiber prototypingBecause of the lightweight but incredibly strong properties of carbon fiber, this material has the potential to break into countless fields. For the everyday application, carbon fiber designs can greatly improve the safety and accuracy of many objects. Here are some of the carbon fiber prototyping we need to come our way.


Though carbon fiber has already made waves in the sporting goods realm through its application on rackets and helmets, lightweight carbon fiber bicycles are the object we need. Bike frames are often made out of aluminum or steel, two very heavy metals in comparison to carbon fiber. In fact, carbon fiber is about as large as a thread of silk measuring five to ten microns in diameter.

This type of carbon fiber product is a necessity for athletes looking to take their bike across platforms. Whether you’re biking in the mountains or taking a ride down the road, the lightweight structures but tough frames offer the best in bicycle performance. Unfortunately for the average consumer, carbon fiber manufacturing of mass quantities of this bike have yet to be realized.


The military is already using carbon fiber prototyping for their equipment, including their helmets. This lightweight material is perfect for long wear and offers the best in protection. But some manufacturers have begun using carbon fiber in their racing helmets for motorcycles. A few have even implemented stylish carbon fiber designs modeled after “Star Wars.”

Phone cases

This one is one of the more popular items on the list. Carbon fiber product development for phone cases has been doing fairly well, but the exorbitant price makes it difficult for most smartphone users to purchase. However, the carbon fiber is lightweight enough to fit comfortably in your pocket while the strong design stops your phone from taking damage if you were to drop it.


The unique look of a carbon fiber design will make for a stylish, compact wallet. But the real benefit of opting for this type of material is the protection it offers your cards and technology. Carbon fiber will not only keep your goods safe should you drop it, but it also naturally blocks radio-frequency identification or RFID. As the world moves toward more contactless pay options, this type of protection is a necessity.

In conclusion, carbon fiber products are leading the future in protection and usability. If you want to start creating your own carbon fiber prototype, contact Element 6 Composites today.