Carbon fiber composites provide substantial advantages over conventional materials in the construction of advanced carbon fiber ladders and bridges. Element 6 Composites has worked with both the military and law enforcement to develop a wide range of lightweight carbon fiber ladders and bridges, ranging from extremely lightweight ladders to heavy-duty segmented ladder/bridges to portable arch construction foot bridges.

The pictures here show a few of the configurations developed at Element 6 Composites and approved for public disclosure. Of particular note is the segmented design of these carbon fiber ladders, which are built-up from short individual segments, allowing for easier transport. Through the use of carbon fiber composites and a patent pending joint design, multiple segments can be added together to form a ladder with far less weight, yet greater stiffness and stability, than a conventional aluminum or fiberglass ladder. In fact, these designs are so strong they can be used horizontally as a bridge. The 30-foot arch bridge shown is also a segmented design, allowing up to two soldiers at a time to cross, yet breaks down into easily carried segments in under 5 minutes.

As a reliable carbon fiber ladder manufacturer, Element 6 Composites is continually working to improve and add to the current line of carbon fiber ladders and bridges. In addition to higher volume production, low volume customization of current models is also possible to meet your specific requirements. If you are with the military or law enforcement, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your application and how we may be able to help.

For more information and purchasing visit our website, Armadillo Tactical Ladders.